Following the success of previous years, SNAPSHOT is back this year to acquaint the SNAP test takers with real exam format.
We will be conducting 6 SNAP Mock Tests over a period of 30 days starting from 26th Oct, 2016.
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Important Dates
Full Length Tests GK Tests
26th October 2016 30th October 2016
2nd November 2016 6th November 2016
9th November 2016 13th November 2016
16th November 2016 20th November 2016
23rd November 2016 7th December 2016
30th November 2016 14th December 2016
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1. To get an exposure of full length SNAP test
2. To get insights into all India percentile and rankings
3. To use detailed analysis reports & improve on your SNAP prep
SNAPSHOT Forum:- //forum.testfunda.com/topic19319-snapshots-2016-scmhrd.html#post706612
1. Apurv Garg (SCMHRD 2016-18) –SNAPSHOT has been an excellent guide to my SNAP preparation. The mocks are so designed that you get a personalized feel of the actual SNAP paper and thus get an understanding of where you stand and what more is required for you to cross that end line and score a 99+ percentile.
2. Siddarth Dubey (SCMHRD 2016-18) -Test Funda has always held a very important position for a candidate’s MBA preparation. Its brilliantly designed mocks and an online base of extensive preparation material acted as the perfect impetus for me to achieve my goals.
3. Anshul Sharma (SCMHRD 2016-18) -Owing to my busy work schedule at Shopclues, I was not able to prepare for SNAP properly. But SNAPSHOT mocks helped me extensively in my preparation for SNAP on a scheduled basis and achieve my goal. I thank Test Funda for their exhaustive GK material which gave me an edge over other candidates.
4. Nishith Raval (SCMHRD 2016-18) -SNAPSHOT mocks gave me complete insight on how the questions appear in the SNAP exam. Moreover, the carefully designed mocks gave me real time simulation of the real test and helped me to achieve my target.
Feedback from the Director, SCMHRD on SNAPSHOT 2016

Mrs. Pratima Sheorey, Director, SCMHRD Pune Symbiosis International University
Practicing mock papers to get hands on experience is amongst the most important aspects of preparation for an aptitude test. In this respect, the SNAPSHOTs have been of great help to the aspirants in terms of the similarity to the actual examination and the quality of the questions. The general knowledge series provides the student with a good insight into handling a section that other aptitude exams generally don't have and should be taken by every aspirant keen to crack SNAP.I really have high expectations from TESTFUNDA to fulfil all the expectations which our aspirants have from SNAPSHOT
SNAP Timeline:-
SNAP Registration Closes 22nd November 2016
SCMHRD Registration closes 17th December 2016
SNAP Exam 18th December 2016
SNAP-IT is an initiative by SCMHRD which is conducted every year across different cities in India. SNAP-IT aims to increase the awareness about SNAP amongst the MBA aspirants and address any query which they might have. We also provide the students with mock SNAP and GK papers during the session which gives them actual feel of the exam before the D-day. This year, we are organizing SNAP-IT in 19 cities.
The event covers:
• In-depth SNAP analysis
• Overview and trends in last year SNAP papers
• Brief information about life@SCMHRD.
• Address aspirants’ queries
The event will be held in your city on 10th or 11th December. The students attending the event would get an idea about what all they need to know before sitting for SNAP exams. Log on to https://www.facebook.com/Admissions.SCMHRD/ to get further details on SNAPIT
Twitter :- https://twitter.com/SCMHRDian
Facebook :- https://www.facebook.com/Admissions.SCMHRD/
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